Microcement Supplies

Offering a durable and seamless epoxy-based coating for interior and exterior surfaces. With various finishes like smooth, textured, rustic, and metallic, and a wide range of colors including neutrals, earthy hues, bold shades, and metallic tints, we provide endless design possibilities.

Ideal for both wet and dry areas, and great for creating contemporary and visually striking spaces in residential and commercial settings.

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Get inspired with our microcement

Get inspired with our microcement

Embark on your microcement journey with us! We will guide you from colour selection to application techniques, making the process enjoyable and ensuring stunning results. Let’s bring your vision to life!

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A heavier aggregate known for strength and sobriety, perfect for compact, uniform, high-performance surfaces.


A sedimentary and classical aesthetics, with a random textured finish that evokes the markings of time.


Artisan strokes create seamless, elegant Spatolato effect – a classic, minimal floor with an industrial touch.


Vibrant colors and horizontal lines showcase both the aesthetic appeal and structural strength of this effect.


a timeless, widely used construction material, boasts a unique play of light and shade, making it stand out among continuous textured surface.


Modern shades and diagonal pattern, reminiscent of its lamellar structure, reveal captivating light reflections, showcasing its exclusive beauty.